Funding Opportunities

Funding Opportunities

Funding Opportunities

Precision Driven Health funds research activities that relate to precision health; this can involve data science, health informatics, personalised medicine, user experience, and/or other diverse fields.

Research activities that we fund include:

  • Projects and programs initiated by the research community, our partners, or other organisations
  • Scholarship and fellowships which allow students and postdoctoral researchers to explore precision health research as part of the partnership
  • Collaborations with other organisations who also support health research or products

Our research must demonstrate strong evidence for:

  • Health impact: An ability to make a difference to healthcare at a precise, individual level
  • Scientific advancement: Advancement of the boundaries of knowledge and possibility
  • Commercial potential: Leads to commercialisable discoveries, and for which we can see a clear path to commercialisation through our partners
  • Links to the New Zealand economy and health systems

For research projects and collaborative activities, we accept idea briefs and proposals continuously throughout the year rather than through formal rounds. For scholarship and fellowship programs, we request applications in rounds which allow us to fund alongside New Zealand academic year timetables.

If you have an idea for research in precision health, please get in touch with us at or follow the links below for information on specific opportunities.

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