Potential Project Topics

Potential Project Topics

Some of the topics of interest include:
  1. Adaptive mHealth: how to collect and incorporate incoming data on how individuals interact with an mHealth self-management support programme (like smoking cessation, weight management, diabetes, CVD)

  2. Optimising new electronic data sets to predict deteriorating patients

  3. Investigating collection of home telemonitoring data, setting up systems to support home monitoring systems, alerts/prompts and reminders, incorporating into existing systems

  4. Electronic prescribing and administration data

  5. Patient engagement system impact: data from nurse calls, LOS, sites and information patients are accessing, survey results etc

  6. Finding ways of identifying relevant conditions from free text of electronic discharge summaries and clinic letters (eg rheumatologists wanting to find out which of their patients have had adverse reactions to specific conditions . . .  they usually note in clinic letters but this is currently largely inaccessible at population level) VS

  7. Precision screening for cancers or other conditions

  8. Developing apps for patient reported outcomes

  9. Linking health data to social outcomes

  10. 'Patients like me' search

  11. Automated coding of clinical notes