Travel Funding

Travel Funding

Travel Funding

PDH has a limited budget available to support researchers funded by the partnership to present their research to recognised conferences. Guidelines and considerations for approval for PDH travel funding are below.

To apply, please provide the following details on the Travel Request Form:

  • The name of the person/people proposed to travel
  • The PDH project which the travel relates to
  • The full event title, location, and dates
  • Type of presentation (poster, oral presentation)
  • The location and form where the event abstract/paper will be published (i.e. a published volume of conference proceedings)
  • NZ $ requested, itemised by purpose (e.g. registration, transport, accommodation, etc.)
  • The institution through which the travel will be booked
  • Details of other sources of funding for this activity, either received or applied for
  • Applicable deadline dates for registration
  • A descriptive justification of the reason for the travel activity - including strategic fit, if applicable

Following completion of the travel, a Travel Report should be submitted to PDH within 30 days covering:

  • If you presented, how your presentation was received and what feedback you obtained
  • What contacts were made that will enhance your research
  • What value you derived from the event, and how this contributes to PDH
  • What you enjoyed most about the event

In general, applications will not be approved for:

  • International travel (without PDH Board Chair approval)
  • Conference attendance without presentation of a poster or talk
  • Activities related to PDH projects which are not in good standing
  • Activities which have produced research outputs not subjected to PDH review and approval prior to submission

If approved, travel funds will be paid to your institution upon receipt of an itemised invoice. Travel funds will not be paid directly to the event.