Research leadership team

Research leadership team

Research Leadership

The research leadership team ensures we deliver our vision, engages the research community, and evaluates research projects

Team Member
Kevin Ross
General Manager

Director of Research, Orion Health

Team Member
Gill Dobbie
Lead Scientist

Professor of Computer Science, University of Auckland

Team Member
Robyn Whittaker
Theme Leader, Empower Patients

Associate Professor, National Institute for Health Innovation, University of Auckland, and Waitemata District Health Board. Robyn is a public health physician leading innovation at Waitemata DHB.

Team Member
Thomas Lumley
Theme Lead, New Data Sources

Professor of Statistics, University of Auckland

Team Member
Bernhard Pfahringer
Theme Lead, Predictive Modelling

Bernhard is a Professor of Computer Science at the University of Waikato, researching Machine Learning with a focus on streaming, randomization, and complex data.

Team Member
Michael O'Sullivan
Theme Lead, Precise and Timely Healthcare

Senior Lecturer of Engineering Science, University of Auckland

Team Member
Kelly Atkinson
Research Programme Manager

Research Programme Manager, Orion Health