For Our Researchers

For Our Researchers

Information for PDH-supported researchers

Precision Driven Health supports New Zealand researchers in empowering data-driven health.

As part of receiving funding from PDH for your research project, please be aware of the following ongoing requirements.


Provide documentation of ethical or regulatory approval and dataset access permissions

Your research funding is contingent upon receipt of appropriate approval to use data from human participants, which may require review from the Health and Disability Ethics Committees and/or an institutional ethics approval system. Please provide evidence of ethical approval, or evidence that approval is not required for your research, as appropriate.

Your research may also require access to restricted datasets. Please provide evidence of data access agreements which allow you to use restricted datasets, along with any conditions on the use of such datasets.


Obtain our approval prior to submitting abstracts and outputs

PDH needs to review and approve any research outputs before abstracts are submitted, posters are printed, or talks are finalised. We can do this quickly, but please don’t leave it to the last minute. Please send research outputs to the PDH Programme Manager for review.


Report research outputs and metrics to PDH

PDH reports regularly to stakeholders including its partner organisations and the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment on the research we've supported. Please track and send us details of your PDH-related activities as below.

Numerical metrics and supporting details:

  • Peer-reviewed journal articles (upon acceptance)
  • Books or chapters
  • Published conference proceedings
  • Keynote presentations
  • Awards for science achievement
  • Master’s or doctoral theses published

Descriptive information including metrics where available:

  • Better outcomes for people and whanau, including return on investment for NZ health
  • Enablement of individuals to manage and improve their health, including the number of consumers using personalised health tools developed through this research
  • Development of NZ workforce capability and capacity for research, including:
    - Number of PDH-supported researchers with academic positions in NZ
    - Number of PDH-supported researchers with industry or DHB positions in NZ
    - Number of PDH-supported students
  • Financial return to partner organisations, and products sold which utilise intellectual property from this research


Acknowledge our funding in publications

All publications or public statements must include a written acknowledgement of the provision of funding by PDH. The acknowledgment should be in the following form:

This research was supported by funding from the Precision Driven Health research partnership.