Opportunities for Commercial Partners

Opportunities for Commercial Partners

Join us in our research

The Precision Driven Health partnership, established in April 2016, is one of the largest data science research initiatives to be undertaken in New Zealand. Orion Health is the founding commercial partner, working alongside New Zealand’s district health boards and universities with support from the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment.

Precision Driven Health was created to provide world-leading research into the emerging area of precision health. This involves applying new data science techniques to understanding the massive volume of data on an individual that is being captured by health information systems, consumer devices, social networks, genetic testing and other sources.

Invitation for new commercial partners

PDH invites parties to contribute to, and benefit from, our research program. We envisage that commercial parties would participate on specific projects, each with a tailored funding and intellectual property (IP) agreement.

What does a commercial partner gain?

PDH commercial partners benefit through involvement in New Zealand’s largest health IT research program. Some of the benefits include

  • Access to a network of data scientists and motivated health providers – with expertise, data, and global networks
  • PDH can set up and manage research projects and contracts
  • The right to commercialise the findings from the research
  • PDH can provide matching funding in two bands:
    • up to 50% of the contribution for exclusive use of the IP, or
    • up to 100% of the contribution, if the commercial benefits are shared with Orion Health

What does a commercial partner need to contribute?

  • Identify a research opportunity that fits within the scope of Precision Driven Health
  • Financial funding for the project (not sourced from other government funding)
  • A commercial path for the research
  • License for our health partners to use the findings for health benefits in New Zealand
  • License for our research providers to publish the findings

If you would like to explore becoming a commercial partner, please send a summary of an opportunity to PDH at info@precisiondrivenhealth.com, including brief descriptions of:

1. the problem/opportunity background, and proposed approach
2. the budget you would contemplate investing, over what timeframe
3. the preference for IP ownership
4. the health benefit of this research
5. the commercial opportunity from this research
6. a description of data available or required, if known

You may download a commercial opportunity template document by clicking the button below. Please send this to info@precisiondrivenhealth.com when completed.